Thursday, December 19, 2019


Before spending eight hours on the train up to Kiruna tomorrow, I thought I would go for one last long run along the lake, especially as the sky cleared up and turned into the most magnificent sunrise with hoarfrost in the forest.

After deliberating back and forth for days, I did end up keeping the pair of Salomon Spikecross with tungsten studs that I was able to get at a bargain price from XXL. Still, considering the number of shoes that I bought over the last couple of years, my New Year’s resolution will definitely be to not buy a single pair of shoes in 2020 :-)

With South Devon Ultra only 44 days away, I need all the training I can get, especially if I should be able to deal with those 1,716 meters of ascent. Hopefully, running in Kiruna will make me feel somewhat less vertically challenged. Right now, the forecast suggests that the temperature will stay above -10 degrees so, if I am lucky, I will not even need my Airtrim mask.

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