Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Riders on the storm

Into this world we’re thrown, as Heidegger would have said, and today was more extreme than in a long time as I struggled to get out to Innertavle with the bike trailer. Already at midnight, I was woken up by strong winds outside and snow turning into rain.

Before going to bed, I had been watching Ben Parkes and his latest video about the extreme hardships of the Ultra-trail Cape Town; 100 km and 4,300 meters of climb with a number of strict cut-off times. There is something quite humbling about a trail that leaves a 2:25 marathoner "running" at a 25 min/km pace. In any case, the video was really inspirational so, despite the weather, I felt I just had to give it a shot and run around the lake this morning. Afterwards I realised that it was a bit stupid though as I got hit by some debris in my head (luckily nothing major). Still, it was definitely a special feeling to run right throw an ice storm...

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