Friday, December 13, 2019


Last night, I raced 3,000 meters on an indoor track in my Adidas Boston Adizero. The first kilometre I was able to stay under 4 min/km but in the end my official time was 12 minutes and 18 seconds, i.e. a 4:06 min/km pace, feeling that a cold was coming on.

Waking up to a Tory landslide, I felt immensely tired, not in my body which miraculously (or perhaps not that miraculously due to ColdZyme) seems to have recovered, but mentally. I do not know what makes me most tired, that people engage in this kind of collective self-harm behaviour or Labour’s turn to the left under Jeremy Corbyn. This is all very bad news, both for the UK and Europe. My only hope is that this will finally be a signal to rethink the anti-capitalist rhetoric of the Left and to shift focus away from confrontation to broadly shared economic growth. But the risk is of course that the very opposite will happen, that the Left will become even more intransient and inward looking.



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