Thursday, December 05, 2019

No time to die

"One day we shall all die. All other days we shall not" (Jan Stenmark)

I would of course never admit that I have been watching the “No time to die” trailer like five times already ;-) However, with no immediate chance of a Matera-escape myself, and all hopes for a spring marathon at the Mediterranean dashed, I made some zucchini pasta with black beans for a plant-based dinner, together with a glass of Picpoul de Pinet that Ally recommended the other day.

With only 50 km remaining until I reach that magic 3,000 km milestone for 2019, I am nevertheless excited for the year ahead and the progress that I have been seeing. Just today, I was reminded of how much I struggled to run 10k in under 50 minutes less than two years ago and that I can now do that without any difficulties whatsoever at a conversational pace.

Meanwhile, in the real world, children in the UK are being told that they may not grow up due to climate change, which is obviously not the case. Climate change is bad as it is without the civilization-ending rhetoric and I am seriously worried about how the discourse is evolving. As the Stanford climate scientist Ken Caldeira put it in an interview earlier this fall: “While many species are threatened with extinction... climate change does not threaten human extinction... I would not like to see us motivating people to do the right thing by making them believe something that is false.”

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