Saturday, July 04, 2020

The Great Gatsby

In one of his books, Haruki Murakami mentions that he has been translating the 1920’s classic “The Great Gatsby” into Japanese. Set on Long Island in Prohibition America, it is a world of speakeasies and petting in automobiles as the official puritanism of society fractures. Recognizing that twelve years have passed since I used to drive around Long Island myself, I thought I would begin the summer vacation by reading some Scott Fitzgerald.

Yesterday, I recorded the last two lectures about the different political ideologies. On UmU Play, I now have 15 hours of lectures lined up for the autumn semester, meaning that I may in fact get some research time once September comes. Otherwise, the autumn feels very uncertain for obvious reasons. I can only hope that Kullamannen will not be cancelled and that I do get to see the trails of Kullaberg before the year is out.


Friday, July 03, 2020

Brussels calling

When I jumped into Nydalasjön shortly after 7 am, it was only 9 degrees in the air and the heavy rain turned into smoke as it hit the surface. Thanks to my wet suit, I was still able to thoroughly enjoy my morning swim before returning home for one last day of green screen tranquillity.

At Systembolaget, I tried to buy some Grimbergen Blond but apparently one has to order 24 at the time which seemed a bit excessive. Instead, I picked up a new #småparti Belgian IPA called “Brussels calling” which was a good match for my carrot and ginger soup even if I am still not fully convinced that "bitter is better".

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Morning Swim

Thursday, July 02, 2020

Season finale with Elin

Ever since we first met when running Tvåälvsloppet back in September, Elin and I have been meeting every so often for a run, mostly along the river but also for instance exploring Tavelsjöleden together. While she is clearly the stronger runner overall, we have our different strengths and weaknesses so we still get a lot of fun out of running together. As Elin is going away for the summer, we met this morning for a grand season finale at the old I20 “Västerbotten Regiment” trail.

For this 10k trail, the former Course Record for women was 51 minutes and 51 seconds, a record that Elin was able to break with an insane four minutes. Although my heart rate was way too high, I was at least able to keep her pace for the first 9k, before finishing about half a minute after her, again scoring a warning from Suunto for too high intensity.

With Elin away in South Sweden, I will try to focus on keeping my heart rate down and avoiding injury throughout the rest of the summer. At the same time, thanks to those Adidas SL20, I have really fallen in love with short distance racing even as I am already feeling that all the sprinting is taking its toll on my body.

In September, Elin and I plan to run the 43k Höga Kusten Trail together (Covid-19 be damned!) so there will hopefully be another season to look forward to...


Monday, June 29, 2020


Monday morning with heavy skies and I have another shoe-related sin to confess. After watching Seth James DeMoor racing in a pair of Adidas SL20, I could not resist buying them at 50% for 599 SEK from Sportamore the other week. And, instant gratification, thanks to the super-responsive Lightstrike midsole, I was able to snag one CR from the same former elite runner as last time around by maintaining a 2:25 min/km pace through one Strava segment... let’s see how long it lasts.


Saturday, June 27, 2020

Langhorne Creek

With thunderstorms and mosquitoes circling around me, I went for a lunch trail run down to Grössjön, feeling energized by the colder weather coming down from the Arctic. As much as I have appreciated the last weeks of extreme summer, houses up here are really not built for such heatwaves so it has been unbearably hot inside, especially at night (which is perhaps not that surprising considering that we get about 21 hours of non-stop sunlight this time of the year).

From Langhorne Creek outside of Adelaide, I found a shiraz called "Director's Cut" which seemed like the perfect way to end this week of video editing. If anyone is curious, here is a link to one of the lectures that I have been recording (in Swedish). Next week, which is the last week with daycare for the kids, I hope to be able to record another five videos about the different political ideologies before the summer “vacation” begins ;-)

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Thursday, June 25, 2020


While still not as extreme as 2014 or 2018, today has been one of the warmest days of the summer so far. Sadly, I could not join my colleagues for a swim in Nydala as I really need all the child daycare time that I can get to finish recording my lectures on political philosophy for the autumn semester.

On Strava, I just signed up for a Hoka “Ekiden” challenge consisting of a 5K run per week for the coming four weeks. Hopefully, I will be able to use one of these runs to beat my current (outdoor) PR of 21:05.

As for Japan and running longer distances, I now have my eyes firmly set on the 100k Lake Saroma Ultramarathon which takes place every year in June up on Hokkaido along the shores of the Sea of Okhotsk (names and geographies that on their own should be more than enough to persuade any escapist). And, I mean, if I have friends who have enough “pannben” to swim 10 km in a 25 meters pool, running 100 km should really be the next logical step for me.


Tuesday, June 23, 2020


With my Achilles tendons having to absorb a lot of force as it is, I have been a bit hesitant to go all in on the Bränteverest challenge without the support of running poles. Thanks to my dear mom, I am now in possession of a pair of “Distance Carbon Z” collapsible ultra-running poles that I plan to use if I ever get to run “Oman by UTMB”.

Long before that however, I rushed over to Bräntberget for five repeats and 301 meters of climb in the afternoon heat when I felt that I simply had had enough of talking to myself in front of that green screen for one day.


Trending faster

Shortly after 5 am, I went for a tempo run in my New Balance 1080v10. I was thrilled to see how much my fitness has improved and that I was able to set a new PR around the lake without killing myself completely. Now, another day in front of the green screen awaits.


Monday, June 22, 2020


Working my way through the history of ideas, I have finally found good use for my collection of Bond clothes. After wearing the Riviera Polo from Casino Royale last week, I have now progressed to the Moroccan Polo from Spectre. As for the recordings, I am positively surprised by how much I have been able to improve the quality over time through practice.

Today, I learned that, like the rest of the university, the Unit for Police Education will have to enforce the rule of a maximum of 50 people at the time and 1.5 meters of physical distance, meaning that my signature lecture that always starts the course will now have to be online as well. Clearly, it feels like I will get a lot of value out of that green screen before all of this is over...