Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Newrun Bugrip GTX

Today, my new Icebug shoes arrived and I finally got to test them in near optimal conditions ("optimal" for the shoes that is). With lots of water having accumulated on top of the ice, I ran around the lake in 43 minutes. As expected, the grip was great (although not as good as with my old VJ Sarva Xante) and my feet stayed dry throughout. With colder weather again on the horizon, I plan to alternate between these and the VJ shoes for the coming months but, when it is wet outside, we have a clear winner.

At 320 gram, the Newrun Bugrip GTX are only marginally heavier than, say, my Nike Pegasus 35 which is my daily trainer outside of the winter season, despite the 17 carbide steel studs. Unlike some other Icebug shoes, these are not real trail shoes though but rather made for running on dirt or pavement in icy conditions (which is actually what I do most of the time).



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