Saturday, December 07, 2019


Yesterday, I had a grand night out with the unit for police education, starting with some beer and boule at Orangeriet and then a tasty dinner at Cinco. Almost like Hogwarts, the unit for police education is a universe to its own with everything from those teaching crime-scene investigation to driving instructors. As many times before, I was surprised by how readily people seemed to agree with what I was saying when I was asked about my own research. Clearly, I should spend less time fighting with radicalized Malthusians and rather try to engage with people in the middle of the political spectrum (if such a thing still exists in 2019?).

After lunch, I went for 20 easy kilometres followed by an Americano with a saffron biscotti and a promising new book by Lisa Halliday. Today, I also picked up the shoes that I won when running the seeding race for Göteborgsvarvet. Before opening the box I only knew that I had won a pair of New Balance shoes so I was thrilled to see that it was indeed the latest iteration of the 1080-series as in a pair of black V10s (which were exactly the shoes I had been thinking of buying myself). My old 1080s are the V8 and they are currently at 442 km so it will be great to have another pair of high-volume shoes once the snow melts.

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