Sunday, December 22, 2019


As long distance runners, I guess we would ideally like to spend two or more hours every day pounding ground but neither our own bodies nor those close to us would probably be able to deal with that over time. As such, rest and recovery is important and I plan to take this Christmas to cut back on my mileage a bit. Nevertheless, wearing my new warm tights from Craft, I set out for ten fresh kilometres this morning through a city that is undergoing a massive relocation as the iron ore mine is expanding. Running past where the old majestic city hall used to be, I felt strangely melancholic even as I understand that the city would not be here in the first place were it not for the mine.

Yesterday at COOP, I was able to get my hands on the last package of “Mollbergs Blandning”, a dark roasted coffee blend from a grand white hotel in Helsingborg, another city that is always close to my heart. Brewing a post-run cup to celebrate that I just completed the Strava distance running challenge for December, I am struck by the fact that it is 16 degrees warmer in Helsingborg right now, so, yes, Sweden is a country of great distances.

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