Tuesday, November 26, 2019

2020 Racing Schedule

As I bike further into the cold icy Umeå winter, I have been busy registering for some spring races and reading up on others. After chickening out last year, I am now officially signed up to run Göteborgsvarvet, which by the way is the world’s largest half marathon, on 16 May. One week later, I will take the train down to Poland to run the Warsaw Half Marathon together with my childhood friend Gabriel. While a week between two races is a bit short, and probably part of the reason why I struggled so much in Kalmar (which was exactly a week after Angel Island), I think this will be less of a concern now given how much my overall training volume has increased. Since I am taking Eddie to Hamburg and Miniatur Wunderland during that week in May, I will also have something that stops me from running too much between the two races.

Much later, on 1 November, I am registered to run Kullamannen 12 km on Kullaberg in Skåne which is a race that tends to sell out quickly. While still almost a year away, it is also a race that I am very much looking forward to since it is quite different from the kind of races that I have been doing so far. Hopefully, South Devon Ultra will give me some much-needed practice of running more technical trails.

As for full marathons, I am still undecided following the cancellation of Beirut Marathon. Malta, Barcelona and Cyprus all seem very appealing but, realistically, I may have to settle for something closer to home. As always, any input is much appreciated.

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