Thursday, November 21, 2019

Lucky day

I am not someone who usually takes part in or wins sweepstakes but, today, I learnt that I won a pair of New Balance shoes from Göteborgsvarvet after completing their virtual seeding race a couple of weeks ago. That is great news as most of my running shoes are already beyond the 500 km mark and rapidly approaching retirement.

Today I was also able to run my second-fastest half marathon along the Ume River in thick mist together with Elin. It is really motivating to have someone to run with even when you are not racing. The only problem is that my own insecurities (and the fact that she is in much better shape) make me run too fast and outside of my low-heart rate training window (which I guess would ultimately be preferable in terms of aerobic base building and injury prevention). Anyhow, for now, it is just fun to keep setting new PRs :-)



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