Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Fagioli neri

As the November darkness thickens, I am back looking for marathons at the Mediterranean and making comfort food to stay warm. Inspired by the latest COOP magazine, I mix some smetana with shiitake mushrooms and black beans into a vegetarian stroganoff to go with yesterday’s Italian wine after which it is hard to feel anything but bliss.

Today at work I had a long meeting with the police education unit which was really encouraging as they seem to be very happy with the work we have been doing. Afterwards I went to a lunch event about progression and generic skills which gave me some new ideas for my teaching. Research-wise, it has been more difficult as I am struggling with motivation after finishing my book chapter on rewilding. I know I should not think like that, but somehow I am doubting that more words are really going to make much of a difference given how intractable some of these debates have become. Nevertheless, Scopus keeps sending me updates about new citations so at least someone out there is reading what I write.

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