Monday, November 18, 2019

Any surface, any distance

Drinking some strong coffee from Alila Ubud while eating the first “lussekatt” of the year, I am already feeling much better after the ultra intervals. Borrowing the motto of Sage Canaday, yesterday really inspired me to mix different kinds of races for 2020. Unfortunately, however, I will not be able to make it up to Tromsø for the Polar Night Halfmarathon in January since the logistics with the kids turned out to be too complicated. Instead, my next race will now be the South Devon Ultra but after that I am open for all suggestions.

Among the more crazy options that I have considered, I should mention the Baikal Ice Marathon but since Turkish does not fly to Irkutsk (which otherwise would have been a fantastic redemption since all of Russia is in the Europe-zone) I guess that is not really an option.

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