Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Find me

After completing the Strava running distance challenge for November in the worst possible meteorological conditions, I felt like retreating indoors with a new book by André Aciman that continues the story arc of “Call me by your name”.

It is funny with books and blurbs though. I would for instance never buy a book that had a blurb like this one that promises “unforgettable characters” and explores how “love can ripple out from the past and into the future”. But, given how much I liked his first book, I am willing to overlook the blurb clichés, especially since I remember how little control my co-author Jon had over these things when he was publishing his books.

While Piedmont tends to be about white wine and bright summer nights here on Rawls & Me, I found a new red wine from Dogliani in Cuneo at Systembolaget today that proved seductive. There is clearly danger and play to speak with Nietzsche, but of course also a serious side.

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