Saturday, August 24, 2019

Rest day

Just a year ago, I wrote that fifty kilometres per week was "clearly" unsustainable. It is funny how quickly that ceiling has become the new floor. Right now I am at 56 kilometres this week and I have to use all available methods, including drinking a glass of that reversed fermented chardonnay from South Australia, in order to keep me from running and to finally take my first rest day in 19 days.

Everything I read about running emphasizes recovery and how important it is to give the body enough time to absorb the training, especially as one gets older. Still, as I am eating a cinnamon bun in my sofa chair and booking class rooms for the spring semester of 2020 (making sure that my teaching schedule is compatible with running South Devon Ultra), I feel such an insatiable urge to lace up those trail shoes and head out under the blue skies. At the same time, with the four races I have lined up over the coming month, I know I cannot afford an injury so I guess it is back to booking those classrooms and telling myself that tomorrow I will make it all up with a long run.



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