Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Today, I started reading Adharanand Finn’s The Rise of the Ultra Runners. The book opens in Oman where the author is taking part in a 100 miles endurance race through the desert. There is something about sleeping under the stars, running over endless white dunes and the expanding universe that immediately catches my imagination. If I had the time, I would maybe even do it myself. For now, reading about the insane hardship has a clear prophylactic effect as I am preparing for my own first ultra-marathon in three weeks’ time. After all, how hard can it be to run 50k through the autumn forest in Umeå, at least compared to those 40 degrees of abrasive sunshine out in Rub' al-Khali?

For dinner, I made the Beyond Burger which tasted just as good as I remember it from the Breakthrough Dialogue. In fact, for as long as COOP is selling these, I really do not see a reason to make meat-based burgers again.

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