Monday, August 19, 2019

Adizero Boston

After two days with rain, the skies cleared this afternoon so I went for twelve easy kilometres across the white bridge to the airport and back in my Adizero Boston shoes, thinking that I might use them when racing Umemilen in two weeks’ time. If purely psychological, changing shoes may very well be the trick I need to finally break the 45 minutes barrier for the 10k distance. Considering that a Boston qualifying pace would be 15 seconds faster yet per km and that I would have sustain it for another 32 kilometres, I may end up just feeling relieved on race day.

Otherwise, the main thing happening today has of course been Eddie starting first grade in his new school out in Innertavle. I can still very much remember my own first day at Vasaskolan back in 1985. Talking to Johanna about it when we met down in Kalmar, those first years in school were clearly kind of traumatic so I am very happy that Eddie seems to be off to a good start.



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