Thursday, August 09, 2018

White bridge

Biking with the trailer along the river, I passed by the white bridge leading out to the airport. For some reason, that bridge has come to symbolize the world outside Umeå and, since I once took a picture of it covered in ice, I thought it deserved one in summer as well. Otherwise, from Delhi to Hamburg, the existence of that world tends to become almost inconceivable after a few weeks on the ground here in the North.
Yesterday, I went for a 18 km run with my colleague Rolf at a conversational pace which felt great after all the minute chasing. Right now, I am running about 50 kilometres per week which is like the Nydala-edition of the Oregon Project and clearly something I cannot go on doing as the semester begins. As for other and less commercial projects, I watched a short documentary about the November Project which seems like something I would love to be part of.

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