Thursday, August 22, 2019

Project Sunrise

As part of “Project Sunrise” (i.e. Qantas long-term vision of operating a non-stop flight from London to Sydney), there will be some interesting flying this autumn. More precisely, instead of a regular delivery flight, Qantas will fly 40 people in a weight-restricted Boeing 787-9 from London to Sydney as a “research flight” (they will also operate a similar non-stop flight from New York).

Unfortunately, my stack of Avios is not really sufficient for such adventures but I did find a småparti bottle of reversed fermented chardonnay from Eden Valley in South Australia. With some Spanish omelette, baby spinach and apples, I felt that it was something most suitable for Rawls & Me, not only to celebrate that Anna is turning 40 but also that I am officially back with the 1% (as in the top one percent of all Samsung Health Users worldwide based on weekly steps count) :-)

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