Thursday, January 09, 2020


On a Thursday in January, few things beat a simple pasta dish, in this case with kale, bacon and lots of parmigiano to go with a glass of classic red wine from Valpolicella. Today, the kids are finally back in school and I had a chance to check in with my new PhD student at work. Hopefully, the coming week will give me time to wrap up a few manuscripts that I have been working on but, wise from past experience, I will not count on that the kids make it through the start of the semester without picking something up. Meanwhile, I am also trying my best to stay on track with the running leading up to South Devon. This morning I did both a classic lake run and a virtual treadmill version for a total of 18 km so currently I am 50 km ahead of pace with regard to my slightly insane goal for 2020.

On the world stage, Trump is for once showing some judgment and restraint as he tries to deescalate the current crisis (a crisis that he himself has created one should remember). Hopefully, there is a chance that diplomacy will still work.



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