Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Southwest salad

Thirteen years ago, this weblog started with a trip to the Southwest. As always, the end of the year invites throwbacks. For the first time since moving back to Sweden in 2014, we are not alone with the kids for the New Year so, instead of the traditional New Year’s lunch, I will be making dinner for lots of people which threw my plans off a bit. At least, I kept the vegan pasta salad with agave and black beans that I found the other day but, as the guest list kept expanding, I decided to go for a couple of bottles of Bolla from Triveneto rather than Pol Roger as the protocol would normally dictate.

Looking back at the past decade, it has been one of unprecedented exploration, with dozens of new countries from Peru to the Philippines. While some of my most crazy ideas, like running Comrades, will most likely not be realized in the year ahead, I hope to continue exploring remote shores and challenge myself to run faster and further in 2020. As such, with Warsaw Half Marathon in mind, szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!

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