Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Chanterelle soup

Back in Umeå, I was greeted by ridiculous amounts of ice on my lake morning run. For every step, it felt that I was going as much backwards as forwards so for my afternoon run I decided to stay inside at USM for a total of 16 km today. In less than two weeks the spring semester will start and, with this in mind, I am trying to have some kilometres saved in the “bank” so that I will not fall too far behind once the teaching ramps up. Right now, I am 41 kilometres ahead of pace according to Strava.

For dinner, I made a soup with Polish chanterelles with fresh parsley to go with the leftover Chilean red wine from yesterday’s long train ride. Meanwhile, for the Drake Equation, things are going from bad to worse as Nasa just confirmed the existence of a habitable planet a mere 100 lightyears away. This again strengthens the likelihood that something is seriously “wrong” with the universe as we know it. At least I am happy I stayed with a plant-based dinner this time around...

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