Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Another soup

Following up on the chanterelle soup, I made a spicy red lentil soup with coconut and shrimp for dinner. Also like yesterday, running on the ice proved to be really tricky so I decided to play it safe and keep a 6 min/km pace for my 11k morning run.

As for the real world soup of Trump putting “Iran into a box without any endgame” (to use the words of Fareed Zakaria), the night has been grim. I learnt that a Ukrainian Airlines 737 had crashed outside Teheran just as I came back from my morning run. And that a few hours before that, Iran had attacked US military bases in Iraq with ballistic missiles in what now appears to be a highly choreographed case of war theatre as the Americans were given plenty of advanced notice. Hopefully, this attack will be enough to satisfy demands of revenge over Suleimani’s death from Iranian hardliners without further escalating the conflict. As for the tragic crash of the 737, the investigation will probably be difficult, not only has Iran already stated that it will not hand over the black boxes to Boeing for analysis, the international sanctions are also likely to make it hard to get the right experts on the ground in Iran. Given the high reliability of the 737-800 (not to be mistaken for the Max-version), I guess nothing can be taken off the table at this point.



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