Sunday, December 29, 2019

Last long run of the decade

Two years after reaching 200 citations, I just passed the 300 citations mark in Google Scholar which is probably a more important milestone than those 2,000 meters of climbing in Strava but, thanks to some insider information, I was finally able to plan a route with a bit of vertical and complete that challenge as well. The 16k route took me past the now closed Army Ranger School which, just like the IR multiple choice exam questions that I am currently constructing, reminded of how dark the world must have seemed at times.

In yesterday’s Svenska Dagbladet, there was a long interview with Anne Applebaum about democracy’s current crisis which I think brought up some important explanations such as the lack of history education in many countries (in particular in Eastern Europe but also the US) but also went astray in the suggestion that “liberals” should again talk about patriotism and community. I would say the exact opposite, that we instead need to vigorously defend the value of open horizons and reject all attempts to lock people into pre-defined boxes or templates.

Now only two more days remain of 2019 and I am scrambling for culinary ideas, especially as I would like to make an entirely plant-based dinner. More than ever, it feels important to measure up to that timeless motto, onward and upward!

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