Monday, December 23, 2019

Purple grey

After making Korean BBQ for lunch, I went for 15 kilometres of icy running just as the purple grey glow of faint daylight gave way to another polar night. Again, the Spikecross 3 CS performed admirably in the snow, making me even more confident that I will be able to keep my New Year’s resolution and not buy any shoes in the year ahead. On my run, I also got a chance to see the new city hall and some other parts of the new city centre as it is taking shape a few kilometres to the east of the old one.

Meanwhile, the Sweden Democrats seems to have become the largest party in Sweden, a sentence I long had hoped I would never have to write. Inevitable as their rise may seem, it says a lot about the lack of imagination in today’s politics but also the difficulties of breaking this impasse without creating yet more polarization. Armchair politicians like myself may have all the answers but that is in part because we never have to deal with the actual trade-offs of the real world and its coalition building acrobatics.

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