Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Forecast

The Swedish postal service is not really what it used to be. But after three weeks in transit, I finally received the 2018 edition of The Forecast packed with maritime adventures in the Japanese Inland Sea, Brisbane sunshine and memories of a time when California “meant cruising up the coast with not a worry in the world”.

Academically, today marked a milestone as I finally passed 200 citations according to Google Scholar. Like many other things in the late modern winner-takes-it-all universe, 200 may seem like quite an achievement until you compare with those who have 20 000 citations… Fortunately, I will have no time to reflect on these things as another mad teaching race is just around the corner, lasting until mid-February. At least, I was able to pick up a Lee “seasonal worker blazer” at the MQ sale :-)



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