Tuesday, August 13, 2019

SM Revisited

A year ago, I ran the SM trail around Stadsliden for the first time. Since then, I have been running parts, for instance when racing Gammliaterr√§ngen in May, but today I decided to do the full trail starting at home. All in all, it turned into a 25 km long run with a total climb of 515 non-inflated meters which feels great considering that I will spend the coming two days binge eating with my colleagues at the department kick-off in Medlefors.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong airport remains closed due to the protests. I have written before about the politics of Hong Kong here on Rawls & Me. The recent months of protests have made it even more difficult for either side to take a step back and I am seriously concerned about the future of the Hong Kong SAR and what remains of its Basic Law. Still, as the case of Taiwan so clearly shows, a better and democratic future is possible also for China if it only has the courage to trust its own people.



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