Friday, August 09, 2019

De omnibus dubitandum est

When reading Bamse the other night, I had to smile when Skalman, riding on an Icelandic horse, suddenly starts quoting Kierkegaard in Latin. But yes, there is a lot to doubt if one goes down that route. Fortunately, running like a bunny does help tremendously with basically everything, including existential angst. Today for instance, I did one quick kilometre at the gym treadmill followed by ten easy ones around the lake which should still leave me with enough energy for a weekend long run (assuming I can find the time that is).

As for the Suunto Spartan watch, I have now had it for about a month and I must say that I really like it. It is great to be able to quickly check my pace when running and the heart rate readings seem to be fairly accurate. For 1985 SEK, the price is also significantly lower than comparable sport watches so I am happy I went for this one rather than the much more expensive Suunto 5.



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