Tuesday, August 06, 2019


Waking up to rain, I spent the better part of the morning constructing exam questions for my social work students and registering for the 2020 Tokyo Marathon lottery.

Next week, the autumn semester will start with a two-day department kick-off meeting up in Skellefteå but, for the moment, I have time to make a few extra cups of coffee before going for another tour to one of the local playgrounds with the bike trailer.

“From Heathrow to Hounslow, from the Eastern Block to France”

Obviously the N.Z. wine helps with the sentimentality but somehow this year feels strangely unresolved. Maybe I should really consider joining Elias for eight lapses around Växjösjön in October if Beirut falls through. Otherwise, I guess I will have to contend with my new one-in-ten chance of winning an entry in the Tokyo lottery.

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