Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Seek beauty, work hard and love each other

One of my favourite Youtube runners is Seth James DeMoor who has three boys and lives a bit outside of Denver. His upbeat videos overflow with optimism and passion for the sport even as he has gone through some rough patches and injuries. In fact, his videos have been quite motivational for me as I have been trying to juggle work and family life with progressively higher running volumes.

This morning, I had planned to run 32 km but the kids were a bit wild so I had to cut it short after two lapses around Nydalasjön. Nevertheless, I got a chance to test my new Salomon Advanced Skin 12 running vest for the first time. I bought this vest as a birthday present to myself after reading the list of gear that I have to bring along for Umeå 50k (including a rain jacket) and it turned out to be remarkably comfortable with no bouncing or chafing whatsoever.



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