Monday, August 05, 2019


Walking across the apron at Umeå Airport yesterday, the cold wind made it evidently clear that I was no longer at the 5th parallel but rather the 63rd. Having spent the night before in economy (we were only upgraded on the shorter flight from Istanbul to Stockholm), I was happy to find that the kids were just as exhausted from all the travelling so I managed to get almost ten hours of sleep before waking up to clear blue skies today.

Which of course meant time for a run. Though it is only August I have already run more this year than I did in all of 2018. My only worry now is how to stay injury-free going forward. If I am to ever be able to run 100+ km trails on the South Coast of England and other things I dream of, I need volume of course but I also need to be strategic. Instead of churning out 10-15 km per day, my game plan for the coming month is to mix a few really long runs with shorter ones on the treadmill, trying to keep overall weekly mileage around 70 km rather than 100 km.

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