Saturday, August 03, 2019


This morning it was finally time for me to present my paper on energy poverty and the risk of premature deindustrialization. All considered, I think it went quite well with intelligent questions from the audience.

After some grilled chicken with jollof rice at a West African restaurant in Osu we are back at “Somewhere nice” in Kokomlemle to pick up our stored bags before heading out to the airport. Right now the inbound flight is just south of Malta, making an extended detour in order to avoid Libyan airspace which leaves me with enough time to sink into the hammock.

For all the gypset clichés, it is heart-warming to see a place like “Somewhere nice” with its strong social ethos and commitment to environmental sustainability. As much as I may be critical of “lifestyle environmentalism” as a response to Anthropocene risks, this place is undeniably facilitating positive change at the local level, and it is important to sometimes be reminded that everything is not macro.


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