Friday, January 18, 2019


With the book chapter behind me, I decided to follow up my daily bike commute with a mini triathlon by adding 1,000 metres of swimming and 10k of running. Going over the course for the Marrakech Marathon, I saw that it promises some “ascending false flat in the palm grove” so I have introduced a bit of inclination to my treadmill runs. Still, even when doing intervals, I simply find treadmill running too drab to actually build volume (when it is this cold outside, I only run 20-30 km per week on the treadmill).

Moments ago, Stefan Löfven was elected new prime minister of Sweden after 130 days without a government. While the price for this compromise was high, the alternative would have been much worse (as it would essentially have given the Sweden Democrats direct influence over government policy). Though I know it is a feeble hope, there is still a chance that the social democrats will carry out progressive reforms in some of the areas that are not covered by the agreement with the centre-right.



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