Thursday, January 03, 2019


Biking down to USM in -18 degrees, I decided that yesterday’s long run was enough and that I should do some anaerobic exercises for a change. More specifically, reading about Desiree Linden in Runner’s World, I felt inspire to try to run one kilometre in the same pace that she kept through all of the Boston Marathon in 2011. So, setting the treadmill at an insane 17.7 km/h or a 3:23 min/km pace, I gave it all, only to find myself running out of breath shortly after 500 metres. After some strength training, I gave it another shot but again I had to give up half-way through.

With new appreciation for my post-flu limitations, and deep frozen after 13 km of biking, I made my own version of a pasta dish from Apulia which turned out really great. Unfortunately, I cannot say anything about the “Bolla” sparkling wine as it was just props that I put into the picture to reinforce the alcohol norm ;-) But I promise to return with a review at some point.

Otherwise, I am realizing that the Christmas break is quickly coming to an end and that I have more than a few exams to construct. At least, I received my certificate for the course “Theories of learning” that I took in the fall so now I am at seven pedagogical courses in total.

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