Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Grüner Silvaner

I think the first time that I, at least consciously, discovered the Silvaner grape was on a Lufthansa flight from Düsseldorf to New York back in 2009. I can still remember the crisp taste as I was having lunch looking down on the Scottish Highlands. Recreating a Lufthansa appetizer favourite with oven-roasted tomatoes, the Keller Grüner Silvaner turns out to be a good match with a taste of white flowers, peach and citrus that blasts out of the glass and puts me right back there high above the blue Atlantic.

Otherwise, I spent an icy afternoon running down to the Ume River and then back through the city, adding another 14 kilometres to my Marrakech race preparations. Already tomorrow, the temperature is expected to drop further to -15 degrees but hopefully I will be able to go for another long run over the weekend when milder winds are expected to return. But before that, formal work life is making a reappearance on Thursday in the form of a pedagogical workshop that I am very much looking forward to.

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