Tuesday, January 01, 2019

The road to Marrakech

With 26 days left until Marrakech International Marathon, I made full use of the calm after the storm and went for my first 10 km of running in 2019. Considering all the snow that had fallen over night, keeping a 5:20/km pace was not the easiest thing to do so the scrambled pancakes afterwards felt well deserved. For the rest of my preparations, I am a little worried that it will be too cold for long runs and that I will remain pretty much confined to the treadmill which is far from optimal. Still better than nothing I guess.

Otherwise, I have now submitted an abstract to the ISA conference in Accra. Even if I would end up not being accepted, I feel very good about writing the paper as it will allow me to finally engage more fully with the literature on premature deindustrialization and how it relates to energy access issues.

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