Saturday, January 12, 2019

New hat

While I try to keep a slower pace for my longer outdoor runs to build aerobic capacity and endurance, I decided to run 15 km in my planned marathon race pace for a change to see what it would feel like. Equipped with a new running cap that I picked up for 3 EUR at Sportamore’s sale, it turned into one of my best runs in a long time, probably because I have taken a few days away from running this week. The weather after the storm could not be better with calm blue skies.

In the outside world, it seems as if my prediction from the morning after the election is coming true and that Stefan Löfven will once again be the prime minister of Sweden. As expected, it will come at a considerable price, like tax cuts for the rich, further privatization of public services and yet more money to prevent structural change... but if that it was it takes to limit the political influence of the Sweden Democrats, it is of course worth it.



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