Friday, January 11, 2019

Winter storm

With the storm "Jan" bringing hurricane strength winds to the High North, it did not feel safe to run in the forest so I took my bike down to USM instead. Trying to keep my planned marathon pace of 5:15 min/km, I was happy to see that my heart rate stayed just above 140 so hopefully I will not kill myself by running those 42 km in two weeks’ time.

In the evening, I made a mushroom risotto with cavolo nero accompanied by a glass of Malbec from Chile. As always, the Pacific exercises an irresistible draw on my imagination. Looking at my calendar, I realize that WPSA and San Diego are only three months away. As for WPSA, I was happy to discover that my friend Manuel will give a paper on "Domination in the Anthropocene", a topic which seems highly related to the book chapter that I am currently working on. For all the space-nerds out there, here is a short excerpt from said chapter (without the references):

Beyond such elementary misunderstandings, ecomodernists diverge from traditional environmentalists in how they understand the broader cosmic setting of the human enterprise. Early pioneers of what is today known as ecomodernism, such as the 2019 recipient of the “Breakthrough Paradigm Award” Stewart Brand, expressed a keen interest in space colonisation, a prospect that fundamentally alters the ethical context in which the ecological crisis is to be understood. Rather than accepting the subtractionist understanding of traditional environmental ethics in which the best would be for humanity not to exist, the possibility of humanity becoming a multi-planetary species and thereby securing not only its own long-term survival but that of life more generally, profoundly recasts the terms of the debate.

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