Monday, September 10, 2018

Day of reckoning

Waking up to mist but with some sun shining through, the weather seems strangely aligned with the Swedish election. With a marginal of just one seat, the left-green parties again became the largest block in parliament. If the conservative party would try to form a government with the help of the Sweden Democrats, then they would need the support of the centre-right parties that have strongly ruled out such cooperation. As such, we will soon know the true moral fibre of these parties. At least for now, my hope and guess is that, in the end, the Löfven government will remain in power, although decimated.

As for my own election district, its population has increased by more than a thousand percent since 2014 which says a lot about how fast Umeå is expanding. While six percent voting for the Sweden Democrats is still a lot, these numbers are a good illustration of how geographically uneven their support is.



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