Thursday, April 30, 2015


It has been almost five years since my last visit to India. Coming back to Delhi and the scorching heat, I spent my first day walking for hours to end along its many tree-lined avenues. Much like the Ville Nouvelle of Marrakech, the colonial part of Delhi (also known as New Delhi) is just overwhelming in its scale and imposing architecture.

Today, I have been busy with the Global Climate Policy Conference at the India Habitat Centre, including presenting my own co-authored paper “Energy research within the UNFCCC: A proposal to guard against ongoing climate-deadlock”. It was a good panel and it reinforced my belief that ecomodernism has a lot of traction, especially once you move outside the traditional environmental political theory universe.

Tomorrow, there will everything from technology clubs to loss and damages. Then a short night at the airport before returning to North Sweden and the snow.



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