Saturday, March 18, 2017

River Ume

With William still insisting on getting up before five, finding activities in the mornings can sometimes be a bit of challenge. Today, I took him for a long walk with the stroller down to the river Ume, just in time for the supermarket with our "post office" to open so I could pick up a collection of short stories that I had ordered.

For some reason, I have come to live much of my life in places that perhaps may look like coastal cities on a map but in which the sea is actually somewhere else, dozens of kilometres away, leaving me strangely unsatisfied. I guess growing up in Kalmar spoilt me with its open horizons.

This part of the river is dominated by a white cable-stayed bridge which leads out the airport and, with it, the “external world” as a philosopher would call it. All these continuities and discontinuities.


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