Monday, August 27, 2018

Back on track

Three days on the couch with a sore throat is way too long when your legs just want to run. Finally feeling better this morning, I put on my new Peak Performance shock orange t-shirt and headed over to Grössjön nature reserve for some soft trail running. Just like last year, I got soaked and had to slow down on slippery stones but at least I was treated to some incredible views of the lake as the sun broke through the mist.
Yesterday, I had a moment of… and here I must admit that the English language fails me, as neither “pride” nor “arrogance” cracks it (but my German is readily there with its “Hochmut”) and decided to sign up for a 10k race around Nydalasjön on Sunday. Otherwise, the coming days will be mostly work in preparation for the new semester and the 50 future police officers that await me in a week from today.



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