Thursday, August 23, 2018


Straying from my ethical code of conduct, I made a Midori House recipe with nduja, cherry tomatoes and sherry vinegar bucatini as a post-workout lunch. Earlier out along the lake, I realized that, with less than two months left, it is about time that I formally disclose the location of my first marathon attempt. The winner is... drum roll… Amsterdam. My reasoning behind picking the Amsterdam Marathon on the 21st of October is that it, beyond a really flat track, will probably offer rather moderate temperatures (which is important given my tendency to easily get dehydrated when running). Still, with the top contenders being Venice one week later and Palma de Mallorca one week earlier, it was not a super easy decision but ultimately logistics made Amsterdam the better choice.

Back in Umeå, the election is in full swing and, despite the temptation, I have been able to avoid engaging in any discussions with party representatives. Unlike in the classroom, I really do not like to talk politics on the street as it makes me extremely emotional in ways that I do not think are particular helpful.



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