Saturday, August 11, 2018

Great Southern Land

I know I have an irrational weakness for any cheap marketing with an escapist flair but when Qantas gave the name “Great Southern Land” to one of their Boeing 787-9 flying the new ultra long-haul route between London and Perth, it obviously calls for an honorary mentioning. While I remain fiercely loyal to Star Alliance, I have to admit that the thought of taking that flight and checking out the new white sand coloured Perth lounge is very tempting. However, until I have a sufficient stack of Avios, I decided to at least replicate one of the lounge menu items together with a new arrival at Systembolaget, also from Western Australia.

Outside in the real world, I am becoming increasingly convinced that people voting for the Sweden Democrats, Trump and others somehow know that what they are doing is morally wrong (just like I do when I eat meat) and that is precisely the temptation. In essence, what they are being offered is an escape from reflexivity, to not have to be moral agents in a complex and ambiguous world. As such, calling out people voting for these parties as racist or sexist may paradoxically add to the allure. Or?

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