Thursday, November 28, 2019


From Arkona on Rügen to the southern tip of Zanzibar, I share what I take to be a fairly common affinity for islands. After struggling on the bike with the trailer for two good hours in the snow today, I felt that a virtual island escape was long overdue, in this case to Sardinia with some vermentino grapes. Together with a bit of Halloumi pasta with fresh oregano, I was even able to escape the embarrassment of not knowing that “county council” has been the widely used English translation for the term “landsting” at today’s higher seminar (luckily, from the 1st of January this year, this middle-level in the Swedish political system is simply known as “regions”).

With another decimetre of snow in the forecast, I might have to walk out to Innertavle with Eddie tomorrow morning so I guess I have to worry even less about getting enough aerobic stimulus in time for South Devon Ultra :-)

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