Sunday, November 03, 2019

How far is far

There are people out there who run a marathon every day. There are others for whom running 10 km would be an insurmountable challenge. This summer, 100 kilometres per week seemed to be somewhat of a barrier for me but, after all the training I have done this fall, it appears as if my body has adapted to increasingly higher volumes.

While the stars were still out, I went for a final 16 km run this morning along my favourite dirt roads, pushing my weekly mileage up to a record of 108 kilometres. Despite the accumulated distance, I was feeling just great as I took in the countryside at dawn’s early light. As for America, today is Sunday the 3rd of November which happens to be day of the New York City Marathon. I have already downloaded the app and will keep my fingers crossed, both for Andreja and Seth :-)



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