Saturday, November 02, 2019


From my own time in pre-school I remember that I loved playing the board game “Resan” (the “journey”). Finding the same game at a second hand store here in Umeå, I was surprised by how simplistic the game actually was and how my imagination had added many new layers of meaning beyond the dry rules of the game.

As an adult, I often get to play the real-world version of this game as I have become somewhat of the travel agent for the extended family. Just this morning, I got to book a trip for Anna to Tennessee in March with BA as she is attending a conference at Vanderbilt. For my own part, I think I will stay mostly on the ground after Lebanon. The only trip I have booked right now is South Devon in February but I am thinking of heading up to Tromsø from Kiruna in early January to run the Polar Night Halfmarathon.

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