Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Mental toughness

In a weird way, I like to go running in the freezing rain. Just like reading “news” about the ongoing wind power expansion in Sweden, it helps me develop a kind of mental toughness. As for the wind though, I am not sure if I can really contain my frustration. The article, which is basically PR material from the Swedish wind industry, explains how Sweden is uniquely suited for wind power since it is so sparsely populated and how electricity, which is now relatively cheap and abundant, will become more intermittent and expensive in the future and thus enable a market for demand-side management technologies. None of this is written with any irony, as if it was something good that Sweden pursues technological pathways that are not globally scalable or that electricity, which is crucial to drive overall decarbonization, becomes scarce.

Anyhow, after biking down to Navet, the triathlon continued with 1,000 meters in the pool. While I definitely have to work on my technique, I really enjoy these breaks from the running.

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