Sunday, September 22, 2019

London City Airport

After their visit to London back in February, the boys’ favourite Lego/Duplo project has been to build different versions of London City Airport. Maybe there was something with the combination of old docks, railway tracks and runways surrounded by water that caught their imagination.

My first trips to LCY were back in 2006 when SAS still flew there from Copenhagen. With its 5.5° steep approach, the experience of landing and taking off from the airport is quite different from your usual European airport (yes, I am still dreaming of flying into Innsbruck Kranebitten one day). In the picture above it is December 2017. I am in a Lufthansa Embraer 190 and about to depart for Frankfurt.

This morning in Umeå, the weather is in fact quite similar with cold blue skies and wet asphalt. Against better knowledge, I am thinking that I should seize the moment and go for an easy run around the lake.

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