Saturday, September 28, 2019

Two Rivers

With the skies clearing, I got to race 28 km through the most beautiful of forests, from the river Vindeln to the Ume River, thus the name of the race. Finishing in Granö, famous for its tree-top houses, I was immensely grateful that my knee held up and for the hot tub waiting down at the river. Thanks to a kind medical doctor, I was also able to finally get a proper exam of my knee at the finish. She suggested that it was not bursitis after all but that I need to do more stretching and work on my flexibility. So, if not before, I am afraid it is indeed time to sign up for that first yoga session.
During the more technical parts of the race, I kept hearing Seth James DeMoor’s voice somewhere in the background; “easy does it”, “do not fight it, float it” and “pump your arms”. I also tried to increase my cadence as much as possible to avoid landing too hard in each stride. But while Seth himself is still busy with the USATF Mountain Running Championships in New Hampshire, I get to eat a pizza from Ruccola :-)

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