Sunday, September 29, 2019

Après l'effort le réconfort

With the exception of an evening class almost two decades ago, my French is practically non-existing. Nevertheless, after another run around the lake, I was starving and came to think of this expression. In addition, it is always great when you get a chance to twist the taco weekdays around as an act of civil disobedience :-)

Otherwise, I feel that a more serious blogpost is long overdue here on Rawls & Me. It is not as if there are not topics, ranging from that the Left may finally be softening on carbon removal to the hope that nuclear energy may be included in EU’s new taxonomy of sustainable investments. Yet, with almost two hundred exams waiting to be marked, I am afraid I will have to save those topics for another day. At least, I was happy to see that Seth James DeMoor ended up in third place in the US Mountain Running Championship in New Hampshire.

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